Layered Navigation

AJAX and advanced filtering features for the default Magento layered navigation, we offer extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 that will help you improve the default Magento layered navigation.

Ajax for Layered Navigation

  • Make the search faster and more user friendly, provide your users with a richer user experience
  • Our extensions add AJAX features to the filters and the pagination blocks, users can choose different filters and catalog pages without the need to reload the page.

Multi-Select attribute values

  • Filter products using multiple values, for example, multiple colors or multiple sizes, so the catalog filters are more user friendly and better suited for modern e-commerce sites, where the customers expects fast results and advanced search functionalities, and not to be limited to only one filter value at a time.
  • Our extensions will enable your visitors to choose multiple product parameters to find the product or products that fit their needs.

Price Slider

  • A price slider widget can be enabled in the Magento AJAX layered navigation extensions, the widget is based on the slider jQuery-UI widget and works on touch screen devices as well.
  • The multiple sliders extension allows to display sliders for numeric attributes like size, height or width.

Collapse/Expand Filters Blocks

  • You can select to expand or collapse list of filters in the layered navigation blocks.
  • The admin can also select which filters can be expanded or collapsed by default, which means the filters that are more relevant for the search can be expanded by default.

Hash/browser history compatibility

  • Our Magento Layered Navigation extensions come with bookmarks/history support. URL hashes are used to keep track of state, history and allow bookmarking while dynamically modifying the catalog via AJAX.

Categories tree as filter

  • Display the categories filter block as a collapsible tree, the number of subcategories levels can be customized in the extension settings page.

Horizontal Layered Navigation

  • Our extension also allows to display filters in a block above the products list, this is useful for one-column layouts of for catalogs where the left column block is used for a different purpose.
  • This block can be enabled along with the left-column filters block or alone as the only layered navigation block.

Mobile Friendly

  • Our extensions are mobile friendly and work with the most popular responsive themes
  1. Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider for Magento® 2

    Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider for Magento® 2

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  2. Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider

    Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider

    Add ajax functionalities to the Magento layered navigation. Includes a price slider. The catalog list is reloaded without refreshing the whole page. Learn More
  3. Ajax Layered Navigation with Multiple Sliders

    Ajax Layered Navigation with Multiple Sliders

    Ajax and multiple sliders for the Magento layered navigation. The products list is reloaded without refreshing the whole page. Learn More
  4. Multi Select Boxes for Ajax Layered Navigation

    Multi-Select for Ajax Layered Navigation

    Ajax layered navigation with multi-select dropdown lists. Learn More