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Ajax Add To Cart

Ajax Add To Cart

Product Review (submitted on 28 June 2013):
I was testing and comparing almost all ajax add to cart modules in Magento connect. But i have to say this one is the best in terms of not only look, or price, also, the speed! It's fantastic, working like a charm. I cannot be happier after purchasing it.

So i asked them to tailored extra function associated -- display the products in shopping cart, in the header... great and fast job! Really good people! check I designed it, but they made this function a pride of my shop!

Later on, I encountered some conflicts of Varnish and Ajax. I still couldn't give up this ajax add to cart although somebody recommended me to try other
ajax add to cart. I just cannot chose one better feature as so clean and clear. So finally I asked Fernando to help me. It's totally fixed after my struggling quite a few days!

Cannot appreciated more!

Hereby wrote down my story working with them. Really recommended!