Low Order Fee for Magento® 2

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Our Low Order Fee extension allows to setup a fee to orders that fail to reach the minimum order amount in your Magento 2 store. A message will appear on the cart page when the fee is applied and the customer can decide whether to pay the additional fee or to purchase more in order to meet the mimum order amount.

The fee can be set as a percentage, fixed amount, or the amount missing to meet the minimum order amount. This extension is higly configurable and the site administrator can also disable the fee for certain customer groups and shipping methods.

After the low order fee is registered, it will appear in all the related documents: order, invoices, credit memos in all versions: confirmation emails, printable versions, admin panel and PDF's generated in the admin panel.

List of features

  • Apply low order fee to customer groups: Use this to select multiple customer groups to which the fee applies. For example, use the extension to charge the low order fee to non-registered users only,
  • Disable low order fee per shipping method. In case you want to disable the minimum order fee
  • Fee calculation methods: fixed fee , percentage or difference ( minimum order amount - subtotal ). 
  • Tax applied to fee : Select the tax class that should be applied to the low order fee.
  • Low order fee includes/excludes tax
  • Minimum order amount compared to Subtotal , Subtotal+Tax or Subtotal After Discount
  • Configurable message in cart messages block
  • Configurable message to show in totals block
  • Shows extra Low Order Fee subtotal row in the cart/ order / invoice / credit memo pages, emails and .PDF documents generated by Magento.
  • Ranges for Low Order Fee. e.g : up to $50 : fixed $10 | up to $80 : percentage, 10% of the subtotal | Up to $100 : the difference ( 100-subtotal )


Please visit the demo site for this extension:

You can switch demos using the store view selector on our demo site.

Current version: 2.1.4  View extension changelog


If you have a question about this extension, please check our FAQ page to make sure we haven't already answered it. Would you like to give us some feedback or request additional information? Please contact us.

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Customer Reviews for Low Order Fee for Magento® 2

Low Order Fee for Magento® 2

Low Order Fee for Magento® 2Highly recommend: Low Order Fee for Magento 2 Review by Henry

Low Order Fee from Mango Extensions is a "must have" extension for Magento 2 for customers with lot of small orders. With this extension you can simply add a Small Order Fee for small orders. Installing and configuring is easy. This extension works also great with a 3rd party One Step Checkout extension.