Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider

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Responsive AJAX layered navigation with Price Slider for Magento catalog, use it to filter by price range with the price slider component and filter by multiple attributes values. This extensions adds jQuery AJAX functionalities to the Magento layered navigation so the products list reloads without refreshing the page.

  • Uses jQuery functions, 5Kb of javascript
  • Easy 10 minutes installation
  • Includes Price Slider, for customers to filter products in the catalog by price range, with configurable slider step value, this Magento price slider uses an implementation of the jQuery UI slider component
  • The price slider plugin supports touchscreen.
  • Compatible with RWD theme
  • Now with support for multiple selection of filters, site visitors can select more than one value of the same filter.New
  • Displays filter options as checkboxes.
  • Expand/Collapse filter blocks: enabled or disable option, and select filters that are expanded by default. You can leave the filters that are more relevant to customers expanded by default.
  • Horizontal filters, show in combination with the default layered navigation block. Select the filters that should appear above the products grid as dropdown lists.
  • Horizontal layered navigation, moves the layered navigation above the products grid/list.
  • Compatibility with ConfigurableSwatches ( Magento Core Extension 1.9.* ). Display swatches on the list of filters.
  • Scrolls to top after Ajax reload
  • Responsive version: set the breakpoint at which the layered navigation block for mobile devices appear
  • With bookmarks/history support, using URL hashes.
  • Easy to customize

Combine it with the Ajax Add To Cart extension to enhance your customer experience.


Please visit the demo site for this extension:

Current version: 1.9.5  View extension changelog


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Customer Reviews for Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price Slider

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderRecommended! Review by arvind

I bought the layered navigation module from Mango from mangoextensions.com.
There was a problem with my layered navigation then I email to mangoextensions developer.
The support is excellent and of course their developers have very good knowledge in Magento and coding in every situations if conflict with other extensions.
They people response my every email during development process and help me to solve the issues.

I recommend to buy this extension without any worry without thinking "working or not".

If you going to develop like this extensions, its very time consuming.
Its like plug and play, so buy this extension and go ahead with your fast development.

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderGreat extension Review by Nadine

I have used Mango to build in Quick view and Ajax cart in my theme. Fernando saw that there was a problem with my layered navigation. I bought it from someone else and they do not give any support. I bought the layered navigation module from Mango and Fernando has build it in my theme. Now everything works as it should with no problems. This is a quality extension and i can advise anybody to use it if you want a good extension with no problems. And if you need customisation done on your site Fernando is the man to see. Best service ever.

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderGreat Extension, Excellent Support Review by Catalin

After spending few days searching and installing other extensions (all of them did not work fine or did not do what I needed for my website), I found this extension, I decided to buy and install it; it was the best decision!!!
About the Extension:
- It is a very good extension, that does exactly what it says; works exactly as in Demo link
- There are also other similar extensions for products filters (developed by MangoExtensions), so you can choose to buy the one that fits best for your website needs.
- It works really fast (filtering the products) and accurate – so the coding is very good
- It is very configurable (from Magento Admin panel)
- The installation works fine – if you follow the instructions
-The default design is the one in Demo link, but you can easily change to look as you theme.
About the Support:
- The support is excellent
- The developer (Fernando Garcia) has very good knowledge in Magento and coding
- He answers very quick to any questions (Pre-Buy questions and after installing). After I installed it, I had a few issues (because of the Magento theme – needed some changes). Fernando offered the right answers and indications what/how to change, within minutes.
- Of course, you can also buy the extension with the installation package.
Would I buy again? DEFINITELY!
Would I recommend? ABSOLUTELY!

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderExcellent and fast communication Review by Azat

Great working quality, excellent and fast communication, resolving questions in timely manner, willing to help, we are completely satisfied, thank you!

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderExcellent support Review by Manon

This is a very good extension. It works very well and the support is the best :-) Fernando Garcia answered all my questions quickly and he helped me a lot even it was not easy with my customize theme and with I wanted to do.

I definitely recommend Mango’s Layered Navigation extension for Magento!

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderFive of Five Stars! Review by Linette

I highly recommend Mango’s Layered Navigation extension for Magento. It’s a great extension, beautifully styled out-of-the-box for modern themes, well-coded and readily customizable. Mango recently extended it to provide HTML-enabled attribute tooltips.

Fernando Garcia at Mango Extensions has customized our store to deliver very important, industry-specialized features for our customers as well as other features that could apply to many stores. He has customized Mango’s Layered Navigation extension and several other open source extensions to add and improve functions. His concepts for custom development with Magento are very well thought out, carefully-planned and well-coded, making the improved features functional & extensible without conflict. His advice and suggestions have always been on point.

If you need an exceptional programmer for customization of any aspect of Magento who knows and understands Magento very well, contact Fernando at Mango Extensions.

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderGreat extension..... support unmatched! Review by Dennis

For me 'layerd navigation and priceslider' is definitely a must have to improve your magento webshops search engine optimisation and customer experience....

For this price (that's low) and developer support ( that's freaking high ) you will definitely get a magento extension that will improve your webshop a lot....

they even get this extension to work with others one year after purchase..


Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderAmazing Review by UNB

Amazing support and amazing extension, I would definitely recommend this to anyone along with the Ajax Add to Cart extension.

We had a couple of teething issues with our first purchase but the support team was amazing and were very helpful.

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderGreat support Review by Edo

Great and really fast support from Mango. They helped me setting up the extension properly. The extension is running great at my magento shop.

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderMust-have for your webshop! Review by Victor

Purchased the extension last week and it works great. It's a must-have for every webshop.

Mango helped installing it and tweaking it to let it work with our layout and other extensions. They respond very quick, even on weekends!

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderGreat Extension Review by Paul

This is a great extension! Best price and best service! Very fast support even on weekends. I wanted something with jQuery and that's exactly right.

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderQuality extension for a reasonable price. Review by LinousLingerie

Great extension which will change the user experience rapidly.
The support of the maker is excellent even on weekends a smoother response to issues that were caused by my custom web design.

Quality extension for a reasonable price.
You can see the extension working on http://www.linouslingerie.nl

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderExcelent Review by Bruno

I bought this extension and it worked very well. I had to do some changes to work with my own theme and the support is quick. Very good extension!

Ajax Layered Navigation and Price SliderAwesome extension Review by Stefan

We've been using this extension from day 1 on our site www.feestkleding365.nl and it works great. Mango helped us to tweak it, and now it prevents search engines completely from crawling unneccesary filtered pages. Must have extension!