Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento 2 - Changelog

Version 2.1.7 . 03-Feb-2021

  • Numeric sliders fix
  • Horizontal layered navigation fix for grouped filters

Version 2.1.6 . 15-Jan-2021

  • New Features:
    1. Multiple sliders for numeric/price attributes
    2. Multiple sliders for attributes of type select/dropdown
    3. AND filter, for attributes of type multiselect
    4. Grouped Filters: display filters under the same title
  • Compatible with ElasticSearch
  • Code optimization for compatibility with Magento 2.4

Version 2.1.4 . 23-Jan-2019

  • New Feature: Infinite Scroll, with two modes: auto-loader or "load more" button
  • Code optimization for compatibility with Magento 2.3

Version 2.1.3 . 30-May-2018

  • Code optimization for Magento 2.2
  • Option: Display Parent Category in category tree filter
  • Fixed: Mobile filters css

Version 2.1.2 . 15-Feb-2017

  • Tooltips next to filter title. Tooltip content are retrieved from CMS blocks
  • Hide attributes from layered navigation block, this value can be set per store view
  • Option: Hide state block
  • Fixed: category filter expands when a filter is selected
  • Fixed: Mobile filters css

Version 2.1.1 . 10-Feb-2017

  • Horizontal layered navigation block along with default vertical layered navigation
  • Horizontal layered navigation block for any kind of layout
  • Code optimization
  • Improved stylesheet for responsive design
  • Per-store visibility

Version 2.0.1 . 27-Jan-2017

  • Fixed issue with add to compare and add to wishlist links

Version 2.0.0 . 15-Oct-2016

  • Includes Price Slider, for customers to filter products in the catalog by price range, with configurable slider step value, this Magento price slider uses an implementation of the jQuery UI slider component
  • The price slider plugin supports touchscreen.
  • Multiple selection of filters, site visitors can select more than one value of the same filter.
  • Displays filter options as checkboxes.
  • Expand/Collapse filter blocks: enabled or disable option, and select filters that are expanded by default. You can leave the filters that are more relevant to customers expanded by default.
  • Scrolls to top after Ajax reload
  • With bookmarks/history support, using URL hashes.
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