Ajax Add to Cart for Magento 1.x - Changelog

Version 1.7.3 2017-05-07

  • Added responsive window width breakpoint in extension settings.
  • Displays one-column / fluid ajax cart popup when screen width < break point.

Version 1.7.2 2016-12-28

  • Fixed compatibility with Magento Configurable Swatches Extension.

Version 1.7.1 2016-10-17

  • Added compatibility with Magento 1.9.3

Version 1.7 2016-10-05

  • fixed edit-item form on cart popup
  • fixed buttons sizing.
  • new options: - fade-out fade-in option, with duration - cart totals position: right or below - cart totals column width, in percentage - cross-sells list below cart summary - options for cross-sell list in cart popup: number of items, image-width, image-height.

Version 1.6.1 2016-04-25

  • Fixed configurable product form bug.
  • Code optimization

Version 1.6 2016-01-27

  • Code optimization
  • Add option to include subtotals in popup ( when cart summary is enabled )

Version 1.5 2015-10-23

  • Several fixes, optimizations and new options:
    • Include jQuery : If your theme or another extension already includes jQuery, set to No.
    • Include afterReload.js : Use this function to execute scripts after the ajax load, for example: to recreate the expand/collapse function used in the rwd theme top cart block because it needs to be recreated each time the ajax is loaded. You need to edit the file skin/frontend/base/default/ajaxaddtocart/afterReload.js or create your own copy on your theme skin folder: skin/frontend/PACKAGE/THEME/ajaxaddtocart/afterReload.js (Recommended)
    • Hide title bar : Yes or no
    • Popup position: Vertical position of popup relative to viewport
    • Fixed popup : Fixed: keep the popup in the same position as the page scrolls. Static: scroll away with the page.
    • Drag dialog box: Allow user to drag the popup box
    • Resize dialog box: Allow user to resize the popup box
    • Qty. Form: Display qty. form for simple products before adding to cart.
    • Width: Popup width in pixels ( e.g. : 300) or percentage of viewport (e.g. : 90%) . Default 350
    • Reload block: Sidebar or topcart block name in layout. For default theme: cart_sidebar, for rwd theme: minicart_head
    • Show cart summary: Show cart summary with latest items after adding a product to the cart, otherwise, only the confirmation message will appear.
    • Items in cart summary: Number of items to show on the confirmation popup that appears after adding a product to the cart.
    • Image width: Image width for products in the cart summary in pixels. Default 50
    • Image height: Image height for products in the cart summary in pixels. Default 50
    • Hide confirmation popup after: (Only when Show cart summary = No) Number of seconds to show confirmation popup. 0 will leave the popup visible until the user clicks on the close button.

Version 1.2.2 2013-09-15

  • Added support for bundle products

Version 1.2.1 2012-10-02

  • Selected options for configurable products appear in the cart summary

Version 1.2 2012-07-05

  • Added support for grouped products:
    - display grouped products form
    - adds directly the grouped product options from the dialog box.

Version 1.1 2011-03-07

  • Add and remove products to the shopping cart directly from the products listing without reloading the page.
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