Magento Advanced Color Swatches - Changelog

Version 1.8.7 2018-08-15

  • Images for attributes
  • Fixes and improvements
  • Product Details page: Preview available options on hover
  • inventory fixes

Version 1.8.6 2017-09-13

  • Fixed background mode for swatches on product details page and layered navigation
  • Elevate Zoom integration
  • Fixed etalage image placeholder when gallery contains no images.
  • Simple product price: fixed price switching when price shows tax.
  • Include sample list.phtml for porto theme 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Version 1.8.5 2017-05-07

  • Fotorama css fixes
  • Fixed: hide swatches for products out of stock and disabled on products list.

Version 1.8.4 2017-02-26

  • Code optimization.
  • Fixed price calculation based on child product.
  • Added compatibility with fotorama jquery plugin: switch gallery, slide effect, responsive behavior and touch screen compatibility.

Version 1.8.3 2016-12-28

  • Code optimization for generation of swatches on products list
  • New feature: update availability list on products list based on selected swatches.
  • Simple products pricing fix to include configurable product option in final price calculation.

Version 1.8.2 2016-11-30

  • Code optimization
  • Fixes to etalage plugin
  • Price based on simple products: compatibility with Magento core custom options.
  • Swatches on cart page items.

Version 1.8.1 2016-10-18

  • Fixes for compatibility with Magento 1.9.3

Version 1.8.0 2016-10-03

  • Code optimization
  • Fixed bugs for gallery as swatches feature
  • Added pager option for bxslider
  • Fixed bxslider infinite loop effect.
  • Improved etalage plugin scroll function. disable etalage animation when images list too short.
  • fixed gallery switch for multiple values.

Version 1.7.9 2016-07-12

  • New setting: Exclude_parent_images, to include only child product images in the product gallery.
  • Gallery switch feature fixes
  • Fixed etalage issue with switch-gallery function
  • Fixed asterisk(*) display for required fields.
  • Compatibility with "Attributes Mapping" Extension.

Version 1.7.8 2016-05-30

  • New options for fancybox plugin: display buttons and display thumbnails on lightbox popup
  • Code optimization

Version 1.7.7 2016-04-11

  • Code optimization
  • New Options: Swatches style in product details page: buttons or flat
  • Updated bxslider plugin

Version 1.7.6 2016-02-02

  • Etalage plugin : new options and code optimization
  • Admin controller fix

Version 1.7.5 2015-11-30

  • Now compatible with the etalage plugin.
  • Fixed fancybox bug: First image appear twice sometimes in the fancybox gallery.

Version 1.7.4 2015-10-19

  • Product details option: switch gallery or switch image only on product details page
  • Product details option: change or hide gallery title
  • Product list option: activate swatches on click or mouse hover.
  • New option on product details page (beta): enable configurable product price based on selected child product resulting from the options selection
  • Include sample list.phtml for ultimo theme 1.15.3
  • Code optimization

Version 1.7.3 2015-09-16

  • Attribute swatches admin section: dependant options: if image is selected, show file uploader field, if hex color is selected, show only the hex color selector, to avoid confusion.
  • Faster rendering of options on the products list page.

Version 1.7.2 2015-08-14

  • Reload Attributes on product page based on selection
  • Added js event to manipulate selected values on the product details page.

Version 1.7.1 2015-07-28

  • Prev/Next buttons for main image on product details page
  • Option: hide gallery when only one item in gallery
  • Reload attributes for child products in product details page

Version 1.7 2015-06-24

  • Updates wishlist images based on the attribute selection
  • Optimized layout updates.

Version 1.6.0 2015-04-06

  • Added bxslider carousel for product details page
  • Bxslider options: position left-right-bottom, number of images.
  • Image size options: main image, zoomed image, gallery thumbnails.
  • Product details option: swatches dimensions
  • Products list option: swatches dimensions

Version 1.1.0 2013-09-15

  • Preselect images in the catalog when the layered navigation filters are applied, e.g.: shows only red models when the filter is set to color: red.

Version 1.0.0 2013-08-13

  • Configurable options: attribute to display as swatches, and option to display swatches or small images of the child products
  • The swatches can be displayed in the layered navigation, the admin can choose the attributes to display as swatches in the layered navigation
  • Option to display a second row of available options as text, this can be used to display available sizes of a configurable product.
  • The swatches can be images or hexadecimal colors
  • Show/hide gallery images based on swatches
  • Options can be displayed as labels, swatches or select boxes
  • The images per color/attribute can be set in the configurable product admin page, without need of setting the images for each child product (only one gallery is needed)
  • Lightbox jQuery plugin to enlarge the images
  • Cloudzoom jquery extension for images zoom
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