Magento® 2 Advanced Color Swatches - Changelog

Version 1.0.2 2020-10-18

  • Fixes and optimizations
  • Out-of-stock swatches formatting for product details page
  • Fixed compatibility with Mango_Quickview extension
  • Vertical Carousel for product gallery

Version 1.0.0 2020-02-17

  • Display color swatches in the catalog product listing, to have a preview of the product options.
  • Multiple attributes can be selected to appear as swatches, useful for catalogs with multiple attributes sets that require different color attributes ( e.g. shoe color, clothing color, hats color ).
  • Configurable options: attribute to display as swatches, and option to display swatches or small images of the child products
  • The swatches can also be displayed in the layered navigation, the admin can choose the attributes to display as swatches in the layered navigation
  • Preselect images in the catalog when the layered navigation filters are applied, e.g.: shows only red models when the filter is set to color: red.
  • Option to display a second row of available options as text, this can be used to display available sizes of a configurable product.
  • The swatches can be images or hexadecimal colors
Product details page
  • Show/hide gallery images based on swatches
  • The swatches can be images or hexadecimal colors
  • Options can be displayed as labels, swatches or select boxes
  • The images per color/attribute can be set in the configurable product admin page, without need of setting the images for each child product (only one gallery is needed)
  • Lightbox jQuery plugin to enlarge the images
  • Cloudzoom jquery extension for images zoom
  • Bxslider jquery plugin for products gallery images carousel
  • Product Gallery Carousel options: right, left or below main image
  • Configurable value: which options will change the product image in the details page
  • Override cart image based in gallery, so only the parent configurable product gallery is necessary.
  • Reload attributes based on child product selection: name , description or custom attributes.
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